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Let's Create a New Year's REVOLUTION!



How many years have slipped by without us achieving our New Year’s Resolutions? For me, going back through journals and seeing how some goals are repeated over and over again without coming to fruition caused me pain and even shame. How about you?

Through my coaching training and practice (We teach that best that we most need to learn), I discovered that the goals that I was not achieving were mostly ‘stuff’ that I thought I needed to achieve, not what I needed to be happy! In fact, not achieving the goal of doubling my business kept me very balanced for a time, until I got the systems and staff in place to handle the growth...whoah... what a mess that would have been!

It’s time to REVOLT! Don’t let a day of 2019 slip by without gracing yourself with the time and reflection necessary to really discover what you need.

One thing that may surprise you is this: To be truly happy and fulfilled, you need to use your gifts to make a difference...has that been included in your must do, must have list? Remember when you were a little one and and you ran into the room; “I can sing, I can dance!” What happened to that little girl? Did she believe the: “You can’t do that, it’s not good enough, you look stupid!” crap and decided to settle?

Try this: Write down your main goal for 2019. Now imagine it happening and envision every aspect, every detail of this new reality. What do you see, hear, smell, taste? How do you feel? If this new reality makes you happy...then create a Cost and Payoff list that reveals the results in achieving the goal or...not.

Now create I AM statements in the present tense surrounding this goal: “I AM 130 pounds of lean muscle.” ‘I AM strong and healthy". Repeat these all day long...yes, fill your head with it. God and the universe listen constantly, not just when you meditate and pray!

I love helping people REVOLT against the SHAME-GAME and release and engage their gifts. If you are ready to really dig in and shine a light on what we really need. (It’s often different than what you think you want...remember we gage our self worth by comparing ourselves to others) and then engage in a proven process that can help you BELIEVE and ACHIEVE...

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